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Episode 11: The Love Designers Guide to Post-Divorce Love

By: Attorney Amy Hsiao

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Episode11-The Love Designers Guide to Post-Divorce Love
POSTED ON: November 18, 2021

Episode 11: The Love Designers Guide to Post-Divorce Love

Choosing a life partner is one of the most important decisions in your life, yet many people rush into relationships that aren’t aligned with their souls. Witnessing many divorces in her childhood, Renée Piane, The Love Designer, was conditioned to believe that true love does not exist. As Renée entered the dating world, she found herself making the same mistakes she had seen in other unsuccessful relationships. It wasn’t until she looked within her own heart that Renée realized she was prohibiting herself from finding love. Today, Renée is on a mission to reignite the love in people’s hearts and reinvent their approach to dating and relationships.

Renée explains why it is crucial to learn how to love yourself before you begin dating after a divorce. Renée encourages women to be honest with themselves and only give their time to someone who aligns with their goals and desires. When you take the time to slow things down, you allow yourself to understand what priorities need to be set in your life and naturally increase the chances of finding success in your love life.

Tune into this week’s episode of AskMamaAmy for an honest conversation with the Love Designer, Renée Piane. Learn more about common dating mistakes, the importance of slowing down, and how to change your destiny by getting real about love.


  •  “The choice of your life partner is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. Take your time and choose wisely” – Renée Piane
  •  “I help people that are reinventing their lives and want to make shifts and changes. I take a look at all the parts of their lives and then design a plan for them in their unique situation.” (01:16-01:29)
  •   “Every single mom or even single person that I work with, I help them to evaluate where they are so they can see that they might be blocking themselves with fear or sadness.” (04:42-04:56)
  •  “Usually in the 35 to 55 range, half of my clients were divorced and not finding love. When I would do an evaluation in classes that I was teaching, I realized most of them had heartbreaks, had bad role models, were from divorced families, or they just married the wrong person too quickly.” (05:52-06:15)
  •  “A lot of men really are happy when they meet a single mom if she’s got her balance together.” (10:32-10:39)
  •  “It’s very important how you come across when you’re in a divorce. It can be very painful and sometimes you imprint your children not to believe in love as well, and that could push men away.” (14:16-14:29)
  •  “To me, marriage is a sacred bond with someone that’s aligned with your vision and you have to take it step-by-step.” (24:42-24:49)

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Connect with Renée Piane!

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Youtube | https://www.youtube.com/user/ReneePiane/videos 

Renée was a TEDX presenter at TEDxYouth@UrsulineAcademy.com in 2019 and her topic was “The Power of your Love Lineage

TEDx here | https://bit.ly/3qbA84P 

Renee’s GET REAL about LOVE Book is available on Kindle, Audio and hard copy on Amazon. https://amzn.to/38FvcPQ 

It’s a great gift for yourself, a friend or your X.

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Posted November 18, 2021

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