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Ask Mama Amy Episode 20: A Travel Guide for Parents With Young Children; Interview with Co-founder/Producer Janelle Schroy

By: Attorney Amy Hsiao

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POSTED ON: April 7, 2022

Ask Mama Amy Episode 20: A Travel Guide for Parents With Young Children; Interview with Co-founder/Producer Janelle Schroy

“The world is a puzzle full of mosaic tiles and we’re creating this beautiful picture together as we piece together their education,” shares Janelle Schroy, Co-founder and Producer of Adventure Family Journal. Understanding the positive impact of traveling, Janelle and her husband made the decision to educate their children by immersing them in cultures around the world. Through her YouTube series, travel blog, and upcoming book, Janelle shares her family’s journey through over 50 countries with the hopes of inspiring other parents to travel with their children. 

According to Janelle, kids are sponges and are not given enough credit for how much they are able to learn from the world around them. To get the most of their education, Janelle approaches teaching by fully immersing her children in the culture, language, and history of each country they visit. Her ultimate goal is to encourage other parents to redefine the way they view education by exploring the world with their children.

Tune into this week’s episode of Ask Mama Amy to learn more about the impact of world travel and how to utilize it to broaden your children’s education.


  •  “We do about 2 or 3 hours a day of iPad based work and the rest of it is experiential wherever we are.” (5:06-5:12)
  •  “We really believe that full immersion is the way to go.” (9:44-9:47)
  •  “I think I developed a can-do attitude. A sense of when money needs to be there, I can find a way to create an income source.” (17:32-17:41)
  •  “See the world as your classroom. It doesn’t matter what schooling choice you’ve made with your kids. If you have them in any form of school or homeschool, the big picture is they’re a sponge.” (23:43-23:52)

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Posted April 7, 2022

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