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Ask Mama Amy Episode 19: The Art of Wine Tasting with Veronica Carrillo

By: Attorney Amy Hsiao

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Episode19-The Art of Wine Tasting with Veronica Carrillo
POSTED ON: March 25, 2022

Ask Mama Amy Episode 19: The Art of Wine Tasting with Veronica Carrillo

“The curiosity that I’ve always had to learn about other people, places, and cultures has helped me to start all over again in America,” says Veronica Carrillo, Owner of All About Wine Tasting. After relocating to the states with her two sons, Veronica found her passion for wine. Through All About Wine Tasting, Veronica has provided many people with the opportunity to relax, build new connections, and enjoy life one sip of wine at a time. 

For over 25 years, Veronica has represented the tourism industry on both sides of the border. After moving to the US, Veronica realized that the wine industry was a great way she could honor her passions for communication and culture. According to Veronica, one of the best experiences that mothers can have is to enjoy a nice bottle of wine. Not only does the wine provide a relaxing sensation, but it also strengthens our relationship with both ourselves and nature. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Ask Mama Amy to learn more about the importance of perseverance, curiosity, and how wine can be a good tool to deepen connections in your life.


  •  “Going out with your girlfriends enjoying a glass of wine and being able to talk about the things that as a woman we are worried about is one of the best activities that we can do on a consistent basis.” (01:03-01:18)
  •  “Living in Mexico was kind of hard sometimes because you’re expected to stay at home and take care of your kids. I did have to deal with some guilt as they were growing up, but working was a very important part of me because it makes me feel like a whole woman.” (07:15-07:34)
  •  “The curiosity that I’ve always had to learn about other people, other places, and other cultures, helped me to start all over again and build a community in America.” (11:11-11:25)
  •  “The second challenge was to keep in their minds that they have two nationalities- Mexican and American. We don’t want them to lose either one, even if they’re mostly growing up in one.” (11:35-11:51)
  •  “The love that I feel for my sons is one of those things that nobody can explain. I think it’s one of the greatest things you’ll ever experience in your life.” (14:50-15:05)
  •  “We are on a learning journey in life so always be open to it. Enjoy every detail of your life, everything that surrounds you.” (19:55-20:06)

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Posted March 25, 2022

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