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AskMamaAmy Episode 08: Mental Health for Moms

By: Attorney Amy Hsiao

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Ask Mama Amy Podcast
POSTED ON: October 7, 2021

AskMamaAmy Episode 08: Mental Health for Moms

Christina Furnival is the author of the “Capable Kiddos” series, a collection of social-emotional children’s books that support children to overcome challenges, develop life skills, and thrive. Christina’s books, informed by both her personal experience as a parent as well as her 10+ years of experience in the mental health field as a licensed psychotherapist (LPCC), give children the language and knowledge to grow in social-emotional learning. And her books don’t just focus on the child, they provide parents, teachers, and therapists tools to best help them support their children.

Passionate about emotional wellbeing, Christina empowers parents and children in all her work. It is her goal to support and equip parents and children to understand themselves better, navigate challenges confidently, and live their best life! In addition to being an author, she is a therapist, speaker, and writer for her blog, Real Life Mama, found at ChristinaFurnival.com.

Tune into this week’s episode of AskMamaAmy to hear how Christina uses her experiences as a wife, mother and psychotherapist to create children’s books that support mental health for children and their parents.


  •  “If you can get on the same level as your children to play with them and incorporate themes into the play, they will learn. Children learn through play and it feels more indirect.” (08:16-08:25)
  •  “Motherhood should be life changing, but motherhood should not be earth shattering.” (13:14:-13:19)
  •  “I would define a strong mom as someone who doesn’t do it all. I would define a strong mom as someone who recognizes their strengths and the areas they aren’t as strong, or equipped, or have the time for but can delegate.” (14:40- 14:56)
  •  Audiogram: 12:52-13:50

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Posted October 7, 2021

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