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Ask Mama Amy Episode 13: Community Building for Single Moms

By: Attorney Amy Hsiao

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Episode13-Community Building for Single Moms
POSTED ON: December 16, 2021

Ask Mama Amy Episode 13: Community Building for Single Moms

Leah Shuchter is a Community Builder, Aesthete, and Public Health Promoter with a professional background as a clinical research administrator, doula, yoga teacher, and prenatal health coach. Leah has volunteered extensively with local planning and community groups specific to single mothers. In today’s episode, Leah discusses her unique perspective on how to survive parenthood.

Leah always knew she wanted to be a mother, and she wasn’t going to let being single stop her. After conceiving her son Ira through a sperm donor, Leah began her journey of single motherhood.  As a single mom by choice, Leah knows the importance of a strong community. Throughout her son’s life, Leah has heavily relied on the community around her for support. Not only does her community uplift her in times of need, but they are there to remind her that parenting should be a fun experience. 

Tune into this week’s episode of AskMamaAmy for a conversation about Leah’s journey through non-conventional motherhood. Learn more about the importance of community building, normalizing single motherhood, and how to have fun while being a parent.


  •  “I’ve worn a lot of hats in my life, but putting on the mother hat has just been the most humbling.” (07:28-07:36)
  •  “I think what is really important is letting other moms know that it is okay to do it on their own.” (09:02-09:07)
  •  “Your community can be as big or as small as you want or need it to be.” (11:06-11:12)
  •  “My strengths are not necessarily taking on leadership roles, but being a good helper.” (14:19-14:27)
  •  “We know what the destination is, but understanding the journey is going to be very complicated. But parenthood is ultimately not a temporary project, it’s a permanent project.” (24:05-24:15)
  •  “There’s a crucial component of recognizing that whatever you think strong is, you don’t need to be that all the time.” (25:26-25:39)
  •  “I try to think of being a strong parent as recognizing that there’s limitless opportunities for growth and reflection.” (25:55-26:05)

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Posted December 16, 2021

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