AskMamaAmy Episode 05: Home Sweet Homes 

 August 26, 2021

By  Amy Hsiao

AskMamaAmy Episode 05: Home Sweet Homes

ina Balch, previous restaurant owner and owner of TeamBalch real estate group, knows how to find strength in challenging situations. After years of working in industries that involve high amounts of financial stress and time away from home, Tina has found ways to establish a healthy work life balance. She is passionate about serving people in her community through education and providing services that benefit her clients in the long run. 

Throughout her years of working in several industries, Tina has come to realize that passion isn’t always enough. Even though you may love to cook doesn’t mean you should open a restaurant. It is important to understand all aspects of running a business and minimize your risk by creating partnerships that bring diversity. 

As a mother to a few kids, Tina has learned the importance of love languages. She spends time loving each of her children in their own love language, creating a unique and personal bond between them. 

Tune into this episode of AskMamaAmy to hear more about Tina’s journey through motherhood and entrepreneurship. Learn how Tina relies on her faith to guide her through difficult times and how she harnesses love with her children that will last a lifetime. 


  • “I love meeting new people, I love showing homes. You could never put me in a four-corner cubicle. I am not an office person.” (08:15- 08:25) 
  • “When you open a business, you have to be emotionally prepared.” (19:00-19:03) 
  • “Sometimes skills are better than money. Skills will take you a long way. You can find money, but  skills are hard to find.” (21:07- 21:16) 

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posted August 26, 2021

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