AskMamaAmy Episode 01: Beauty Doctor 

 June 24, 2021

By  Amy Hsiao

AskMamaAmy Episode 01: Beauty Doctor

“Our physical health is really connected to our mental and spiritual health” says Dr. Tess Mauricio, Owner and Founder of M Beauty Clinic. On the premier episode of the #AskMamaAmy Podcast, Amy and Dr. Tess discuss the importance of family, relationships and maintaining your physical health.

Growing up as an immigrant, running a family business, and caring for her family when her husband fell ill, Dr. Tess has used the adversity she has experienced in life to shape herself into the kind of mother she is today. For her, prioritizing her relationships and having a network of people she can trust and rely on have been key contributors to her success.

As a mother herself, Dr. Tess knows how common it is for moms to prioritize themselves last. At M Beauty Clinic, the goal is to help as many patients look and feel their best because when you look good, you feel good. Dr. Tess and her staff offer a variety of services that can help mom’s gain their spark back at any age!

Tune into the first ever episode of #AskMamaAmy for advice on overcoming adversity in motherhood and a doctor approved message on selfcare that all moms need to hear!


  • "By combining the latest in cosmetic dermatology, regenerative technologies, and world-renowned expertise in a warm and nurturing environment, we help our patients be their very best at any age - mind, body, and soul.” 
  • “It boils down to resilience. We don’t know what is going to happen with our lives, but I think whenever we go through challenges and we conquer them, or we start a project and see it through… it's these important milestones that make you think back on all the sacrifices that have made it worth it.’ (15:05-15:35)
  • “Moms have to celebrate their achievements. Moms tend to be very hard on themselves.” (16:14- 16:17)

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posted June 24, 2021

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