AskMamaAmy Episode 06: Memorable Moments for Moms 

 September 9, 2021

By  Amy Hsiao

AskMamaAmy Episode 06: Memorable Moments for Moms

Angela Quisumbing, event strategist and celebration specialist, has found some of the greatest joy in raising her two beautiful kids in southern California. While Angela always strongly desired to be a mom, she also knew that there was more to her identity. In recent years, she has pioneered several businesses that help other women step into their spotlights through events. 

When Angela’s kids were young, she spent most of her time at home. With extra time on her hands, she began to develop ideas where she could be involved in her community and still maintain the stay-at-home-mom lifestyle. Initially, she crafted a weekly blog that shared stories of her journey through motherhood, which ultimately opened the door for her to expand her business opportunities. Eventually, Angela found herself partnering with local businesses to put on events so moms in the community had a chance to participate in something fun. 

Throughout Angela’s adventures as a mother and entrepreneur, she has found strength within her community. During tough times, the moms she serves have always stepped in to make sure that the show goes on. 

Tune into this episode of AskMamaAmy for a conversation about the importance of community. Learn how Angela maintains her role as a mom while pursuing her passion to help other women celebrate their successes!


  • “I was comfortable being at home with my kids, but there was a struggle. I loved being a mom, but I want to do something else. I want to be me.”  (06:02-06:15)
  • “I want being a mom to be a part of me, not just one thing that identifies who I am.” (06:18-06:23)
  • “How can you serve  the best way you can with the resources that you have?” (19:09-19:12)
  • “Deep connection and conversation is the heart of events. You can throw a big event, but if you don’t connect with anyone, and you're not having conversations that people are too scared to have, then you're not going to make a big impact.” (20:25-20:40)

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posted September 9, 2021

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