Ask Mama Amy Episode 21: Interview With Lisa McCabe, Owner of Lovely Leaps: From Dancer to Engineer to Dancer 

 April 21, 2022

By  Amy Hsiao

Ask Mama Amy Episode 21: Interview With Lisa McCabe, Owner of Lovely Leaps: From Dancer to Engineer to Dancer

Lisa McCabe has always had a passion for the art of dance. After starting her dance career later than most, Lisa grew a passion for teaching the younger generations how to develop their skills and techniques. Today, Lisa is a mother of two darling daughters and the Owner of Lovely Leaps where she teaches children ranging from 10 months to 10 years of age a variety of dance styles both online and in the studio. 

As both a mother and business owner, the most important thing for Lisa is finding a way to pour back into herself. When she feels fulfilled, she can be a better version of herself in every aspect of her life. While there are moments when being an entrepreneur and a mother becomes overwhelming, Lisa always finds a way to recenter herself. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Ask Mama Amy to learn more about Lisa’s transition from a career in engineering to dance, the importance of having the heart of a mother, and how to find stillness in the chaotic moments of life!


  • “The heart of Lovely Leaps is to have children fall in love with dance. Not the perfection or performance of dance, but the actual art form.” (02:56-03:04)
  • “The classes that I create for preschoolers are actually based on my children because I get to play with them at home and what does and doesn’t work.” (06:38-06:47)
  • “When you come into our classes, we have that heart of a mother.” (07:20-07:23)
  • “Instead of striving for perfection, we have to strive for excellence.” (14:06-14:09)
  • “You just have to let yourself be okay in the messy and the non-perfect moments. It'll just give you a lot of peace, especially when running a company.” (16:23-16:34)
  • “When you pour into yourself, then you could pour into your children, your business, your husband. Everything flows better from a healthy mom.” (21:24-21:35)

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posted April 21, 2022

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