Ask Mama Amy Episode 15: The Importance of Family Health with Dr. Minna Lopez 

 January 27, 2022

By  Amy Hsiao

Ask Mama Amy Episode 15: The Importance of Family Health with Dr. Minna Lopez

For over 20 years, Dr. Minna Lopez has been empowering others to live healthy lives. It wasn’t until Dr. Minna Lopez began to start a family of her own that she truly understood the importance of family health. Today, Dr. Lopez is a mom of a healthy 12-year old daughter and proud owner of a chiropractie and clinical nutrition practice where she focuses on educating San Diego families on how lifestyle choices can bring out the best in their family. 

According to Dr. Lopez, the nervous system is the master controller of the body, so it is crucial that you learn to regulate it. As a chiropractor, Dr. Lopez helps patients optimize their nervous systems by reducing interferences like personal stress. When you focus on having a well-managed nervous system, you are able to better handle your emotions and make decisions that will positively impact your health and well being. 

Tune into this week's episode of Ask Mama Amy to learn more about the importance of regulating your nervous system, and maintaining your physical and emotional health so you can become a strong mom that provides for your family.


  • “The nervous system is basically the master controller of your whole body. We, as chiropractors, look at optimizing that nervous system by reducing the interference that's happening in the body to the nervous system.” (02:04-02:18)
  • “Working with kids has been such pure joy and it gives me so much fulfillment because we're able to see results so much quicker than with adults.” (06:15-06:26)
  • “We're able to help kids regulate their nervous systems which, in turn, helps them deal with their anxiety and their emotions on a much calmer level.” (08:34-08:45)
  • “My ideal situation is to be able to work with the entire family so that the entire family is as healthy as possible.” (09:04-09:12)
  • “I just love being able to empower people and families to stay at their healthiest.” (09:39-09:43)
  • “If children are not healthy in their body, then it transfers over into their mind and into their emotions.” (17:53-18:01)
  • “A strong mom, I believe, is someone that takes care of themselves and becomes the strongest version of themselves so that they can better take care of their families.” (20:17-20:34)

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posted January 27, 2022

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