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Estate Planning 101

  • Date: July 11, 2024
  • Time: 5:00 pm

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Estate Planning 101

Join Amy Hsiao in our upcoming ‘Estate Planning 101’ FREE webinar. Learn how to ensure that, if something were to happen to you, someone you trust looks after your kids.
加入我們即將舉行的免費網絡研討會,與Amy Hsiao一同了解『資產規劃 101』。學習如何確保如果發生了什麼事,有一個您信任的人會照顧您的孩子。

Some of the key points we’ll cover include: 我們將包括以下一些關鍵要點:

WHY naming guardians in your will is NOT enough為什麼僅僅在遺囑中命名監護人是不夠的
What happens to your children and other loved ones when there is no planning or when planning has missing pieces. 當沒有計劃或計劃缺少部分時,您的子女和其他親人會發生什麼事情。
Exactly what the process is and how much it costs (no holds barred) in CA. 過程是什麼,費用是多少(毫不保留)在加利福尼亞州。
Simultaneous Chinese Interpretation included” (提供現場中文同步口譯)

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Amy Hsiao

Attorney at Law