Married Couple with Minor Children

Most parents of minor children put off estate planning because they do not think they have significant assets that need protection or because they cannot bear to think about not being there for their children.  But the truth is that the only way to effectively protect those you love the most in the event of the unthinkable is through a thoughtful and well-crafted estate plan.

All parents, whether or not they own substantial assets, must have an estate plan in place to set forth their wishes for their children upon death or incapacity and in times of emergency.  This plan must include several things, but chief among them is the nomination of a legal guardian.  If you fail to name a legal guardian, the court will appoint a guardian for you based on what the court deems to be in the best interest of your children.  This person may not be the person you would have chosen and will have absolutely no guidance in raising your children with the values you consider most important.

At Hsiao Law Firm, we will guide you in crafting a plan that will protect your children for the unexpected in life. We understand you want peace of mind knowing that you minor children will be raised by those you choose who share the values you cherish most.  With this in mind, we provide Kids Protection Plan to parents with minor children.  This plan includes the following:

  1. Nomination of Permanent Guardians for your minor children upon death
  2. Nomination of Short-term Guardians for your minor children in case of an emergency
  3. Confidential document to identify those persons in your life that you would not want to serve as Permanent Guardians
  4. Medical Power of Attorney for your minor children that will name those persons you authorize to make health care decisions for your minor children if you are unavailable
  5. A family care wallet card that will give your temporary caregivers access to the pertinent medical and legal documents needed to ensure that your minor children receive the best care in case of a medical emergency

Please contact us today to make sure that your minor children would be taken care of the way you want them to be if something were to happen to you.