AskMamaAmy Episode 02: Soul Warrior Yoga Mom 

 July 8, 2021

By  Amy Hsiao

AskMamaAmy Episode 02: Soul Warrior Yoga Mom

“Sometimes you have to hit that rock bottom in your journey to be humbled enough to ask for help,” says Jomally Fernandez, founder and owner of SOUL WARRIOR YOGA. This episode of AskMamaAmy is centered around the overcoming and finding strength in life’s challenges.

Jomally found strength in her weakest moments. After being diagnosed with lupus and almost losing her pregnancy, she rose up against all odds and decided to be triumphant in her circumstances, not a victim. Learning that it is okay to ask and receive help, Jomally was inspired to create a space where she could compassionately offer help to other women facing similar challenges. This is how her business SOUL WARRIOR YOGA came to be.

Jomally graciously reminds us that being vulnerable is a sign of strength and we are not defined by our circumstances. Join us on this episode of AskMamaAmy for a safe and inspiring conversation on how to find strength in your weaknesses.


  • “I was switching from becoming a victim to being in charge of what was happening... and that to me is the spirit of a warrior.”  (01:49-2:00)
  • “sometimes you have to hit that rock bottom in your journey to be humbled enough to ask for help.” (03:47-03:51)
  • “It’s really in the moments where you are most vulnerable that you can show your strength.” (04:40-04:44) 
  • “Not letting a moment define you but rather let that moment be fuel or inspiration for who you want to become.”  (15:04- 15:10) 

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You can find all of Jomally’s resources on her website: https://www.jomallyfernandez.com/workshops-retreats 

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posted July 8, 2021

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